Pharmaceutical Consultancy Quality Outsourcing Enablement

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Q. You have a performance Management Issue and want to reduce your cycle time metrics e.g. LPLV to Database Freeze.   Yes/No

Q. You urgently require some training to support your team through establishment of vendor oversight and management.  Yes/No

Q. You don’t have a Clinical Data Management Department and you outsource everything. You need expertise to select, manage and oversee a CDM vendor.  Yes/No

Q. Your Vendor is not delivering as you expected.  You are not sure how to resolve.  Yes/No

Q. You have a GCP inspection coming up and you are unsure how you are set re vendor oversight? Yes/No

Q. You are a CRO and are concerned your relationship with a key sponsor is diminishing. Yes/No

Q. You want someone to guide and manage your outsourcing for Clinical Trials. Yes/No

Q. Your Outsourcing manager resigns and you need to keep moving forward to meet your critical deadlines. Yes/No

Q. Your Clinical Development team is confused regarding expectations for vendor performance and oversight. Yes/No

Q. Your sales team need to improve their understanding of what sponsors need and want. Yes/No

Q. You are confused regarding risk based monitoring and want to develop a robust cost effective implementation plan. Yes/No

WenStar Enterprises could support you to solve these or similar concerns.